Cooperation with Candidates

Success for Human Synergies means mutually satisfied clients AND candidates, therefore in-depth honest conversations and advice to candidates are an integral part of every search process.

Human Synergies Cooperation with CandidatesBoth professional skills and the personality fit are important criteria when evaluating whether a person will be the right match. Depending on the context of the particular search assignment, a dedicated consultant from the Human Synergies team will liaise and support the candidate from start to finish, guaranteeing qualified feedback throughout the recruitment process. Human Synergies strives at finding the most suitable individual for any given position until it is a success. An honest and personalised approach ensures an ethical process and trustful relationships resulting in a win-win result for both client and candidate.

At the beginning of the process a prioritized list of the criteria that the successful candidate should meet is established and subsequently used to benchmark each candidate against. The responsible consultant will participate in the first interview with the candidate acting as a facilitator and also to assess the personal chemistry between the two parties. This optimises the chances of a ‘good fit’ and is a good starting point for the continued onboarding coaching and follow up which is part of the Human Synergies search methodology to ensure a fast integration in the new position.

Candidates selected to proceed to the next round of the selection process will be asked to provide reference names and where desired to complete a personal assessment. Human Synergies will, where required, support its clients during the negotiations of the remuneration packages, in particular with regards to country-specific regulations.

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