At Human Synergies we offer a personalized and consultative approach to talent management. We have a lean process where we stay close to our projects and clients; this means the main contact person will follow closely from start to the end.

We will be strong on principles and ethics but, as a small team, we can be flexible on the approach and will adjust when necessary. An on-going dialogue with all our partners is always the driving force.

Our team has a broad experience gained from large and small companies with exposure to both entrepreneurial and corporate structures. Our projects are handled with a hands-on as well as structured and systematic approach, leading to successful results.

Client Approach

A consultative approach to getting to know the organisation’s situation and context include the understanding of the business’ model.

Cooperation with Candidates

Success for Human Synergies means mutually satisfied clients AND candidates, therefore in-depth honest conversations and advice to candidates are an integral part of every search process.

Our Clients

Over the years Human Synergies has worked on a number of assignments across different industries .


Coaching to identify your strengths / to differentiate yourself.

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