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All missions start with getting a thorough understanding of our client’s business and its corporate culture but not least its vision as well as the challenges and obstacles to fulfil that vision. This is vital when screening and evaluating.

Human Synergies Our ServicesThis approach has resulted in long lasting cooperation and relations to both clients and candidates which is testament to the strength of our method.
As a people business, a consultative and methodological approach is applied ensuring all candidates the benefit of personalised support. Coaching and guidance to all candidates throughout the recruitment process and beyond are essential and are always conducted in an ethical, honest and constructive manner to prepare candidates to be their best for the interview with the client. The Human Synergies team is present during the first interview between the candidate and the client to support both parties and to help evaluate whether the right fit is there also from a personality point of view. Subsequently feedback is provided to the candidate to ensure a learning from the process and to advice on what they can improve. Likewise a discussion with the client is held on whether any adjustments to the profile should be made.

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