Client Approach

The all encompassing lean approach to finding optimal candidates for our clients is a well structured methodology, allowing for constant monitoring whilst striving for sustainable results.


A consultative approach to getting to know the organisation’s situation and context include the understanding of the business’ model; the market position; the segmentation of products and services; the organisational and ownership structure and most importantly the corporate culture.
Supported by years of cross industry experience, Human Synergies strives to obtain a successful co-operation in the medium and long term through challenging clients and benchmarking them with other industries.

In practice, a close methodological look at the vision and the related strategy are mapped out whilst in parallel analysing the profile and the key skills required from suitable candidates. This leads to a thorough understanding of the company’s critical business needs and in turn enables the search of candidates with a proven track record, also from industries with similar strategies or challenges.

The search is an inter-active process in close cooperation with our clients and finely adjusted along the way to ensure alignment between market reality and expectations. The Human Synergies consultants drive the process forward and literally act as the client’s ambassadors, reporting back not only on potential candidates but also on all the findings regarding the way the company is perceived in the market. To show commitment in what it takes to find the right match, we guarantee our clients a replacement should the fit not be a successful one.

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