Approach and Methodology

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At Human Synergies we follow a structured step-by-step approach to find the optimal candidates for our customers. This allows a constant monitoring of how the process is proceeding and ensure successful long-term results. 


Our consultative approach means that we start with getting to know the company’s situation and context, including its business model, its market position, the segmentation of it various products and services, its organisational and ownership structure and – last but not least - its corporate culture.


People make the difference! Therefore, it is important at any given time to have the right people to support the company’s growth strategy. At Human Synergies we strive to find candidates who already have a proven track record. 


In practice, we look closely at the current and future strategy of the client company while analysing the profile and key skills of suitable candidates. This leads to a more thorough understanding of the company’s critical business needs and enable us to extent our search for candidates from industries with similar strategies or challenges. This approach has proven to be successful as various industries evolve at different paces, being in terms of international expansion, IT evolution, or adoption of new business models.


We work closely together with our clients throughout the search process in order to make sure that there is alignment between our progress and the client’s expectations, so that adjustments can be done when necessary. Human Synergies’ consultants drive the process forward and act virtually as its client’s ambassadors, and report back not only on potential candidates but also on all findings regarding the way the client company is perceived in the market.