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As  numerous European medical institutions experience difficulties with attracting sufficient number of talented people to the general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and elderly homes, HS Care Insight offers to assist these institutions with hiring, developing and retaining qualified and well educated medical staff from the Philippines.



Human Synergies, together with local cooperation partners, guarantee that all staff are carefully selected and trained. We also assure a full induction program, that ensures that the new medical staff is properly prepared for the job. Transparent and tailored arrangements are made with regard to cost and timing.



This results in:


  • A decent reception and accommodation of the medical staff upon arrival.
  • The fact that candidates can start their new job feeling confident.
  • A smooth integration; based on our First 99 days methodology, a professional job coach can prepare the medical staff for what they can expect and provides guidance.
  • Similar working conditions as their fellow-workers in the medical organisation.