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Building Lasting Relationships

Long and lasting relationships with customers and candidates are an integrated part of our work and proof of success and satisfaction. Human Synergies is a people business and requires integrity and trust from all parties in the short as well as in the long term. A thorough understanding of the customer business, including its vision, business development strategy and corporate culture is a prerequisite for being able to secure the right and lasting match between the candidate and the position that we fill.


We apply a consultative approach and methodology to find, screen and select the suitable candidates, which result in long lasting relationships. In Human Synergies we thrive when our customers do and we can therefore grow along with our customers and support their growth, since we with our thorough understanding of our customer’s business, rapidly can assure that additional suitable people are found.


Companies providing career opportunities for their employees are fun to work for which in return leads to higher job satisfaction meaning that it become easier to retain talent and thereby reduce employee turnover.


The higher job satisfaction automatically leads to better result for the company as happy and motivated employees are more productive and therefore generate additional value to their employers.