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For clients and candidates alike, a long-term cooperation is the objective when involving Human Synergies in finding the right people for the right job. External researches have shown that the first 100 days in a new position is the most difficult and can be determining for long-term success.



On-boarding Coaching:


To show commitment and confidence in what it takes to find the right match, we guarantee our clients a replacement would the fit not be successful. This warranty period can be extended if a proper induction programme is added which ensures the candidate a full and assisted integration into the new position.

Together with competent international coaches we have developed an on-boarding programme that is offered as an additional service. This "First 99 Days on-boarding programme" ensures a flying start in the new job with transparent and clear expectations and objectives. During the first meeting, the responsible consultant will participate together with the coach, the candidate and the client’s HR responsible.



Individual Coaching:

Human Synergies offers different individual tailored services in the form tailored coaching and sparring in accordance with your specific needs. The format and lengths are fully flexible and a first session is for free to make sure that the match and trust is mutually in place.


The services are built from the following modules which can be combined according to your needs:

  • Career coaching
  • Start your own business and creation of business plan
  • Career advice and sparring on next career move/ future career
  • Advice on application, CV and motivation letter
  • Advice for social media profiles hereunder LinkedIn
  • Mock interviews to secure successful interviewing