Candidates Area

To know more about our services or to be contacted by phone, please call one of our partners or send us an email at info @, and we will be pleased to get back to you as soon as possible.


If you are interested in presenting yourself as a potential candidate to one of our clients, please send us appropriate details accompanied by your CV at the above address.


All contacts will be treated confidentially and we do not disclose the identity of either candidates or client company without mutual consent.


At Human Synergies we work with - and for - professional companies that are committed to match our values and high ethical standards.


Cooperation with Candidates


Success for us means mutually-satisfied customers and candidates; therefore in-depth discussions and advice to candidates are an integral part of our search process.


People join or leave "managers", not "jobs"! We therefore focus on both the professional skills and the personality fit. As part of our methodology the responsible partner will participate in the first interview to facilitate the discussion and to assess the personal chemistry between the two sides. This optimises the chances for a "good fit" also long term. 


The initial level of contact will depend on the context of a particular search assignment. In all cases, you will be in contact directly with one of our professional and committed partners and you will receive a qualified feedback.  


Together with our client we work out a prioritised list of criteria that the successful candidates shall meet in order to constitute the right fit. 


The candidates identified to proceed to the most advanced steps in the selection process will be asked to provide reference names. Where required by our client a written personal assessment will be prepared.


We do not limit a search to a particular number of contacts as we always strive to find the most suitable individual for a given position.


Contract Negotiations

In general, the negotiation of specific compensation packages is handled directly between the candidate and the recruiting company. However we can offer assistance or advice upon request, in particular regarding country-specific contractual or legal issues.